Bears edge Mustangs 34-27

A big night up in North Cleveland as Walker Valley takes on Bradley Central in the season opener. Early in the game #28 Felix Lopez taking the ball all the way down the field for a Bradley Central touchdown! Not wasting any time, Walker Valley comes back on offense and punches it right down their throats for the touchdown. Bradley Central back to work. Copeland drops back and links up with Nick Howell to keep the chains moving. Same drive, Copeland moving around to avoid the rush and finds Tyler Carpenter standing alone in the back of the endzone for the tip toe touchdown. After a pair of quick punts, Walker Valley looking to get on the board again gets a great return from Bryce Nunnelly to put them in scoring position. First play Gibson slings a pass back to Nunnelly to Trey and punch it in, but Bradley County gets the stop. Next play they put it right up the middle into the endzone for a touchdown. The offensive fireworks went on the whole game, but Walker Valley couldn’t keep pace in this one falling 34 to 27.


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