Mustangs Kick Off Jamboree With Win

Walker Valley 14, East Ridge 0

The Mustangs kept it simple, only once sending a receiver deep downfield. That one play resulted in a 37-yard TD hookup from Kolten Gibson to Avery Jones. It was their second score, the first coming on their opening drive, again thanks to Gibson. This one, a catch-and-go, covered 58 yards with Bryce Nunnelly doing the going.

"We have some good skill people and I've made no bones about that," Walker Valley coach Glen Ryan said. "They've been playing since they were freshman so they ought to be pretty good. Hopefully, we can keep that up. We were a little sluggish at first defensively but we stiffened up. We're replacing four linebackers. That was a concern as was the offensive line and both are coming along and headed in the right direction."

East Ridge had an impressive opening drive but could not hold onto the football, taking two steps back all too often to please coach Tracy Malone.


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